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Relaxation Massage - $50 per hr

We are a luxury massage therapy studio specializing in relaxation massage that offers the most relaxing, beautiful massages available. The massage style is a blend of Swedish and Hawaiian techniques.  Because we specialize in relaxation massage in Putaruru other techniques are not offered - Russell Massage Studio are the relaxation specialists!  Our private, warm and inviting studio provides a relaxing environment for you to unwind and bask in the pleasure of a truly wonderful massage - rid yourself of unwanted tension and feel totally relaxed.

A relaxation massage is the best natural way to de-stress.  Perhaps you have had a stressful time at work or at home.  One of our relaxation massages will transform you, leaving you feeling wonderfully refreshed and relaxed - we are so confident about the benefits of our relaxation massages that we guarantee satisfaction or your next massage will be free. 

Qualified masseur

Our masseur, Anthony, is fully qualified in both Swedish and Hawaiian massage techniques.  With well over 20 years experience he can give you the most beautiful, relaxing, and enjoyable massage available.

For some ladies, being massaged by an unknown man maybe a bit daunting, so to help overcome any hesitancy we offer all ladies a 50% discount on their first one hour massage.

Full Body

Our massages are full body from neck to toe, both sides and every where (woops - almost every where) in between.  We recommend that you take a one hour massage as it usually takes customers 20 - 30 minutes to  fully relax and you will not receive the full benefit of the massage until you are relaxed.

Current Special Offers

Back-to-back massages.  We offer a 10% discount for back-to-back massages (max 2 persons) - so bring a friend! The person waiting can, if you wish, either watch or join in the massaging.

Hour & a half ladies special.  This includes our standard full body relaxation massage followed by a facial and concluding with a dry powder full body rub down.  Cost $75.

Parties - got a party planned?  Try spicing it up with your own on-site masseur.  That's right, we will come to your party.  Bookings available on a case-by-case basis and charges are negotiable. Give us a call to discuss your requirements - 027 7735512

Repeat business discount.  We offer a 10% discount for repeat business provided the next appointment is made before you leave.

Gift coupons.  These are available at $45 for a 1 hr massage, or $70 for a ladies special.  No time limit, and coupons are issued 'to bearer'.

Massage Training for couples.  We offer training sessions of 1.5 hrs for couples at a cost of $80 per session.  Any number of sessions.  One person is on the table whilst the other is trained.

Hot tub availability - for an extra $10 a pre-massage soak in our semi outdoor Swedish hot tub is available.  Towels provided and your privacy is guaranteed.

The Massage Process

Because of the nature of Hawaiian massage customers need to be nude on the massage table.  Once you have stripped off and hopped up on the table, whilst face down you will be covered in oil from neck to toe.   In this manner there are no stops during the massage process for the application of oil and you will receive a constant uninterrupted flow of the masseur's hands.  Half way through the massage you will be asked to turn over and the same process will follow on your front side.

Whilst all our massages follow a standard or generic process, the masseur can allow for any specific needs or desires that you may have such as extra attention for the shoulders and/or neck, inclusion of a scalp massage, etc.  Please discuss any special requirements with the masseur when you arrive for your appointment.  Discussion time will not eat into massage time.


All answers are direct from Anthony, our masseur.

1]  What oil do you use?  We use only one type of oil - Coconol.  This is a pure light oil made from coconuts with absolutely no additives.  It has wonderful properties and will soak into you before you leave the studio. Full details are available on request when you arrive for your appointment.  By special request other oils can be used  e.g. baby oil.

2]  Are the buttocks included in the massage?  Yes they are  - full buttock massage, each buttock one at a time.  That is, unless you do not what them massaged in which case please advise the masseur at the start of the massage.

3] Being a man it is possible that I might involuntary develop an erection whilst on the table  - would this be a problem?  No problem at all - I just carry on with the massage  as if all was normal.

4]  Can I leave my G string on?  Not if you want the full benefit of the  relaxation massage.  Clothing gets in the way and breaks the continuous flow of the masseurs hands, something that you will find should be avoided.  Furthermore, there is a chance the oil may discolour the material.  The sensation of receiving a relaxation massage whilst naked and in our safe, warm environment is out of this world.

5]  What jewellery should I remove?  All loose items such as necklaces, bangles - and of course watches.

6] Are the breasts included in the massage?  In the standard massage, yes.  If you do not want your breasts massaged then please advise the masseur at the start of the massage.

7]  I have heard that relaxation massages can be erotic - is this true?  What is or is not erotic is very subjective and what one lady considers to be erotic may have no erotic appeal to the next person. So unfortunately I cannot answer this question.

8]  Do you have EFPOS facility? No, unfortunately.

9]  Do you do out-calls?  No, unless you are running a party and you have previously arranged for our masseur to attend and pamper your guests.

10]  Is your studio safe?  Most definitely!  Safe, and your privacy is absolute, and guaranteed.

11]  Can you include a Massage of my Scalp?  Certainly, and this can be included at no extra cost - however you will have to be prepared for the masseurs oily hands in your hair!

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The goal of Swedish Massage is to melt away muscle tension and increase the blood flow to your heart. Swedish Massage is extremely therapeutic as it decreases muscle toxins, increases oxygen levels in the blood, and improves flexibility in the body. The principal movement is towards the heart and is stronger than the retraction movement away from the heart. 




The particular Hawaiian style that we use is Lomi Lomi, an ancient style developed in the Hawaiian islands.  When the early missionaries came to Hawaii they banned the massage style because, according to them, it was too erotic and the style was not legalized until the 1950's.  Because some of the massage movements are quite extensive i.e. the masseurs hands will at times cover a large area, any clothing will get in the way and so it is necessary for the customer to be nude on the massage table.  Your privacy is guaranteed at all times.

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